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GoGreen Cab is the First 100% Hybrid, and Environmentally friendly taxicab company in the City of Alexandria. We provide reliable taxicab transportation from City of Alexandria to any location in Northern Virginia, including Washington Metropolitan area, Maryland, and all nearby jurisdictions. We serve all major airports in the region such as Reagan National Airport (DCA), Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD), and Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI).

We provide transportation 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. GoGreen Cab fleet is designed to meet your needs and expectations with a range of 100% Hybrid, and brand new late model vehicles such as Toyota Camry and Toyota Prius. GoGreen Cab provides door to door service from any location in the City of Alexandria to any location of your choice! GoGreen Cab fleet is producing 60% less emission than regular taxicabs operating in the City of Alexandria.

GoGreen Cab is the first carbon-negative taxicab company in the City of Alexandria, by offsetting our own emission by purchasing "Clean–Source Offset Credits." We will offset the remaining pollution produced by our taxicabs, by taxing ourselves, and will buy offset credits from companies that produce clean source energy. Clean source energy company will be able to use our offset credit to invest in their company, and will produce clean energy, which will be distributed onto public utility grid by the company, and will replace dirty energy with "Clean-Source Energy."

Customer Reviews

GoGreen Cab Customer Reviews Posted on yelp.com

Posted on 08-05-2013, By Ms. Alia T

"This is a newer cab company that really excelled at customer service. I picked this company because I had seen them driving around Old Town. They were incredibly courteous and prompt. I used their services two mornings in a row and the person who took my call remembered me from the day before. He was so friendly! I even called 30 minutes before my scheduled pickup to push the time back a bit and there was no problem whatsoever. The driver was very courteous and efficient with his driving. No time wasted or detours taken. I'm all around very satisfied and will be using GoGreen all the time."

Posted on 08-07-2013, By Ms. T W.

"Second time using GoGreen. Quick, reliable, CLEAN, enviro friendly (hybrid cars) and courteous. Makes SURE that they get the CORRECT information and the rider and driver are on the same page. LOVE THAT! Will DEFINITELY use them again."

Posted on 08-23-2013, By Mr. Corbb O.

"The dispatcher/owner really knows what great customer service means. They take the time to understand where you are, where you're going, and when you need to go. Even better, they call you back after they've made contact with the driver with a REALISTIC estimate of arrival time...then they even go the extra step to say, "Will that still work for you?" They've never missed a scheduled ride, and their drivers are friendly, English speakers, and happily take credit cards."

Posted on 09-09-2013, By Ms. Gia P.

"First time I used this cab company and will use them for everything, dispatcher was super friendly and the driver was nice as well. Accepts credit cards, they are punctual and call you when they arrive. Clean, fast, well priced."

Posted on 09-15-2013, By Mr. Dexx T.

"Great friendly new taxi company in Alexandria. Their drivers are polite and the taxis are clean (and green). They are still starting out so you may have to call a few minutes earlier, but the service is worth it."

Posted on 10-01-2013, By Ms. Erina R.

"No complaints. They were very courteous, the taxi came within 25 minutes of my call, and I felt their rates were fair. The ride was comfortable, I had a good driver, and I would certainly use them again."

Posted on 10-18-2013, By Mr. Tristan S.

"Remarkable service!!! As an Eco-conscious person, when I'm not able to take public transportation, GoGreen Cab is my FIRST CHOICE. Their cars are neat & clean and their drivers are consistently courteous professionals. I'm amazed at their timeliness and eagerness. I particularly like that each driver calls me when they've arrived at my pick up destination. ECO-Enthusiast."

Posted on 10-21-2013, By Ms. Janet K

"Very friendly, quick, reliable and the taxis are extremely clean! I've used them a few times and they haven't disappointed me yet! They're my go to taxi company!"

Our Mission

GoGreen Cab is proud and committed to have the most experienced, neat and clean, educated, dedicated, professional, and customer service oriented taxicab drivers in the industry. Our selective hiring process and continuous dedication to training, all GoGreen Drivers are expected to perform at a superior level when it comes to customer service. Our taxicab drivers are highly trained, courteous, polite, and dependable professionals. We expect our drivers to provide best service, and to meet our customer expectation at all times.

Our taxicab drivers are independent drivers. They are extensively trained by us. We verify that our taxicab drivers have a valid Hack license issued by the local police department, and maintain taxicab liability insurance coverage at all times. Our drivers are verified, tested, and fingerprinted by the local police department. Our Customer satisfaction is our business. Our customer issues and concerns are our utmost priority. Our proactive approach to problem solving makes us one of the best, and reliable Cab Company in the region.

Our clients:

Our prompt, reliable and courteous service makes GoGreen Cab the top choice of most major Washington Metropolitan area businesses and organizations. Corporate accounts are welcomed. GoGreen Cab will pick you up at your Office, Home, and Restaurant from City of Alexandria, and take you to any location or destination within Washington Metropolitan area.



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Why GoGreen Cab

Do You Feel For Our Environment?
Do You Want To Save The Earth?

Then you should realize the need of acquiring and using a non-polluting, eco-friendly, fuel efficient Taxicabs. The solution lies in by commuting in a hybrid vehicle used by GoGreen Cab. Using a Hybrid taxicab implies that you are dynamic in guaranteeing the environment is clean and that you care for your planet. It also indicates that you are a responsible citizen who wants to save the planet. Hybrid vehicle engines generate fewer emissions, provide good mileage, idle less, and are very fuel efficient. These hybrid vehicles can help save planet. Hybrid Taxis benefit the environment. They have lower carbon dioxide emissions, use less gasoline, and release less exhaust into the air.
Using Hybrid Taxicabs has following benefits:


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