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Why GoGreen Cab?

Do You Feel For Our Environment? Do You Want To Save The Earth?

Then you should realize the need of acquiring and using a non-polluting, eco-friendly, fuel efficient Taxicabs. The solution lies in by commuting in a hybrid vehicle used by GoGreen Cab. Using a Hybrid taxicab implies that you are dynamic in guaranteeing the environment is clean and that you care for your planet. It also indicates that you are a responsible citizen who wants to save the planet. Hybrid vehicle engines generate fewer emissions, provide the good mileage, idle less, and are very fuel efficient. These hybrid vehicles can help save the planet. Hybrid Taxis benefit the environment. They have lower carbon dioxide emissions, use less gasoline, and release less exhaust into the air.

Hybrid Cab Benefit: Reduce Oil Dependencies

About half of the oil we use is imported, and our dependence will increase as we use up domestic resources. You can help improve our energy security by selecting a vehicle that uses less petroleum such as GoGreen Cab.

Hybrid Cab Benefit: Carbon Negative Fleet

GoGreen Cab is the first carbon-negative taxicab company in the City of Alexandria, by offsetting our own emission by purchasing “Clean–Source Offset Credits.” We will offset the remaining pollution produced by our taxicabs, by taxing ourselves, and will buy offset credits from companies that produce clean source energy. Clean source energy company will be able to use our offset credit to invest in their company, and will produce clean energy, which will be distributed onto public utility grid by the company, and will replace dirty energy with “Clean-Source Energy

Fewer Emissions

Carbon-based emissions are the number one cause of global warming. Hybrid vehicles produce lower levels of gas fumes from exhausts and contribute a lot less than internal combustion engines to creating smog. Because hybrid vehicles use less gasoline and create lower levels of carbon based emissions, our air will be cleaner and contain higher levels of breathable oxygen.

Less Oil Consumption

Hybrid vehicles help protect non-renewable sources of energy like gasoline and other types of petroleum products. Gasoline and other petroleum products are created from fossil fuels and are not recyclable. This means that once they’re gone, they can never be replaced. The earth contains a finite amount of fossil fuel resources which are hard to replace.

Lower Health Risk

Use of oil products releases more pollution into the air than nature can take care of, increasing risks of both cancer and lung diseases. The pollution produced by cars might also get carried into the atmosphere where it transforms into the acidic rain, one of the worst problems for nature and even planted crops. So by using hybrid cars humanity not only does nature a favor but also does ourselves a favor.